Phill Valier

"Yes actually." Ty said standing then bowing.  "If you would so permit, I wish to assist you in any way shape or form within my capabilities!"He said rather loudly attracting the attention of the Enforcers. 

Phill turned his attention down the alleyway as a small group of Enforcers rushed down confident this was just another group of weak commoners. In frustration Phill  gripped his sword in anger pointing it at the unorganized force of the Enforcers. Without regulating the amount of magic he was releasing the air began to feel heavy as his sword glowed.

"Windsnare." He muttered, a circle of blue grew at his feet and within a blink of an eye it fired forwards leaving a trail of destruction. The Enforcers were either immediately knocked unconscious or thrown back such a distance that there was no possible way to recover quickly.

"Great now we have to move again!" Djarina said," Are you two trying to get us killed!" She hissed  getting on her hoverboard. They all left meeting up in the less occupied part of Obsidia. It originally had been a market place but less than a year ago a fire broke out and since then little work has been done to restore the area. Ty and Djarina eyed Phill strangely as he approached with Scathe at his side. He pulled a sack of money and threw it over to Djarina.

"You know Apex , Your more than you appear to be. No one can get this much money so quickly, and not many own such a presence with magic. With Scathe I’m not surprised but you, you are different. Who are you, really?" She asked, Phill froze for a moment  unsure of how to respond.

"I do come from a slightly aristocratic family yes. However my branch has been branded and may members have been hunted down and killed. I myself have faked my own death, and hid my money and resources elsewhere." Phill lied he felt that Ty, and Djarina would not trust him if he had told the truth.

"I never heard of the Noble house of Varion." Djarina muttered.

"They wouldn't want you to." Phill responded.

"Yeah that sounds like that Valier fellow. Don't hear about him anymore." Ty said bluntly.  This made Phill cringe on the spot.  As they all stood there in the silence of the of the rising sun, Ty asked again this time more quietly.

"So its alright if I join all of you?"Phill yawned and nodded his approval.

"as long as the others don't mind, you should also meet a woman named Karel. She will officially you sign you up to fight on this side, you will find her in the moving market. For this moment I'm going to rest for the time being. If anyone of you want to contact me. This should let you know where I am if you ask it so." He said handing them all an enchanted piece of orange fabric.

"How exactly do you ask it?" Djarina said Incredulously.

"Its pretty ingenious." Ty marvelled," You simply ask where is Apex and you will hear the answer in your head. Did you make this yourself?"Phill nodded. He could feel that Scathe also knew it would work much better if his true name was used and feared that one on of the may find out, but he couldn't help that matter. He turned around.

"One other thing six days from now Rebel leader Velia Kai will leave Obsidia at the Southern docks at the break of dawn. I am hoping all of us will be accompanying her, also be sure their will be a battle there no doubt. Now I bid all of you farewell, and also thank you Scathe and Djarina for your services this night."

The End

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