Interprid Fellowship

Ty stared over at the comotion from the millitary complex.

"Those three.....causing quite a stir.  Oh well, as long as they kill those imperialistic fools."  He said from his pearch on a large tree.  He activated his long fall grips on the back of his legs and leaned off.  He fell twenty feet and ran twoard the building.  There were guards all over the place.  He removed large gauntlet.  He used it to contain his magic energy and fire it in a concentrated spell.


His spell stunned a couple of troopers allowing him to create a sharp edge of energy a launch it.  It skimmed the ground and tore into the flesh of the guards.  He took advantage of this pause in security to breach the facility.  He decided to look around for the group of revelutionaries.  He headed to the courtyard.  A large quard appeared.  He smashed the gauntlet into his stomach, jumped and then brought it down on his head.  It sent him to the ground with no breath.  Ty continued onward passing guards who were too busy to notice him.  He made it to his destination unharmed.  But the posse had disapeared.  He looked but found no trace.  The guards were going to converge here soon.  Ty knew he had to find the group and fast.  They appeared to have used a dangerously powerfull spell.

"Do I really have to look for them?"   Ty sighed.

The cloaked man's magical energy seemed to leave a small trail.  The end was a distance.  But still, he could catch up.  He put that away and opened a small portal.  It would be a long cooldown time before he could use magic again.  He slowly put his foot in.  Then the rest of his body folowed as he slipped and fell.  A bright light and a secondary portal opened, throwing him into the ground.

"Ow.  I hate those things."  He compained.

A blade touched his bald head.  A tall man stood in front of him wearing high class armor.

"Who are you and how did you get here."  He said.

"Ahem.  My name is Ty Kalien.  Pleased to make your aquantance."  Ty said smiling like a lunatic.  He held out a hand.  The man didn't take it.

"Do you have buisness with us."

"Yes actually." Ty said standing then bowing.  "If you would so permit, I wish to assist you in any way shape or form within my capabilities!"

The End

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