Djarina: Flying lessons

When Phil offered to double the money she would get, she was instantly suspicious. No one offered money away if they didn't have to. When he didn't answer her question, she vowed to herself that she would find out what he was hiding.

With the occurrences in the building, though, she was glad that he knew so much about it all, and she saw why he might offer her more money. She had tried to cut the strange lady, but her knife hadn't been able to touch her.

When Phill told them to run, she didn't hesitate. She wasn't a coward, but she knew there wasn't anything she could do. She had to look after her family: she thought of her sister, Maremtha - Memthy- who had hugged her tightly when she left, and made her to promise to come back safely, her blond curls reminding Djarina of how young she was. She thought of her mother, half passed out on the sofa. She had tucked a blanket around her and kissed her forhead, but she gave the money to her sister.

Stumbling down the steps in her haste, she fell.

She pulled herself up hurriedly, and made a mad dash to the hedge, where her H-board was stored. Behind her, she heard an alarm go off, and lights started flashing. 

"Intruders. Intruders. Intruders." The mechanical voice repeated the warning, but she concentrated on turning her board on, crouched low in the bushes.

She stood on it and slowly moved into the air, peeking over the top of the hedge. She could see Phil fighting the lady in an illuminated circle of light, but Scathe was out of sight. It occurred to her that he might have left, but she didn't think it seemed like him. He surely had secrets too, and was most likely hiding somewhere, waiting to pounce. There was the sound of feet in the distance, marching in time. On the ground near Phil, she saw the bag he had filled with things from the room. 

She  flew along the wall, crouched down, until she was opposite the bag. In it was everything he had taken. 

She banked sharply to the side and swooped down, grabbed it with her hand and flew over the hedge again. 

She flew all around the edge of the building, looking for Scathe. She didn't see him, but when she got back to where she had started, she found him waiting for her. 

"Do something!" She hissed "You can't just leave Phil out there on his own!"

"I need your help. Carry me out to the middle of the courtyard, above where they are fighting."

"I can only go as high as the anti gravity charms have something to work against."

"It'll have to be enough."

He tried to get on, but she pushed him back. 

"Wait! I have to tell you what to do!"

"Can't you just carry me up?"

"No, you fool, it's not an easy thing to do. Why do you think people walk, if they could use these? It requires a lot of skill. You need to balance, which is in itself challenging, while at the same time taking into consideration the wind speed and direction, the distance you are from the ground, how even the surface you're flying against is, everything! I've been doing it for years and even I still fall sometimes."

"Surely it can't be that hard..."

"Look, it should be alright because it's just a straight angle up, and the ground is just the courtyard which is flat. Stand in front of me, and spread your arms out, that'll help you balance. Bend you knees slightly, that's it. Now, when I say go, press that button with your toe, and lean forward slightly. I'll control the angle and speed and everything, you just need to balance. Got it?"

"Yes." Scathes voice betrayed no uncertainty or worry.

"Okay, go!"

Up they went, a wobbly and slow flight.

"What are you going to do?" She whispered.

"You'll see. Just try to keep us steady."

Scathe was thinking of his plan, hopefully his magic would be strong enough to cover the whole of the building. It wasn't slowing time, so much as slowing the speed of every living thing within the perimeter of his spell.

The End

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