Phill Valier

"I understand." Phill said to Scathe, he had more trust for him, both of them had secrets, both of them had every reason to keep it that way. A few minutes later Djarina rode in from above on a hover board.

"Alright, this is gonna be a very risky operation, however now is better then never to get into the military offices. Their will be magical barriers and detection units, but luckily I know how to by pass that. Djarina I believe you'll be the best to infiltrate the building. Scathe I want you to enter in a different way. On the second floor that’s where the back up security systems are placed, take them out. This will give at longest an hour long window. This should be more then enough. Once Scathe takes out the back up security systems, we'll go underground to their database and get everything we can."

"That all sounds alright but what to we do if we mess up somewhere along the line?" Djarina asked.

"Well, first we'll have to deal with the first layer of security which will be animated knights. As long as you don't use a spell the knights are quite easy to take down but they absorb magic, so most spells only make them stronger. If we activate the first layer we get out. Because the second layer are lesser Noble forces who have unmatched skill in both magic and combat."

"I don't know if I like those consequences." Djarina said.

"Its unlikely we'll activate any security system, I have an extensive knowledge of what we're getting into. I will tell you all the obstacles you'll need to avoid on the way. Also if you wish I could pay you double your original price if you wish."

"Where are you getting all this cash, and how do you know so much about the inner????"

"Somethings are better left unknown." Phill said beginning his trek to the centre of Obsidia.

The three parted ways after going over their plan about 20 meters away from the security relay station. It took little effort on Phill's part to get inside, and start manipulating the magical encrytions, codings, and programing. He had put all the visual information on a virtual loop, and had put in a code that would accept His, Djarina's,and Scathe's magical and body signatures. He then had the spotlights flash in the sky to signal Scathe and Djarina it was safe to get in.  However something was bothering had he forgotten something? He looked over the console several times, everything seemed to be covered. He brushed the feeling off, and met up with Djarina near the stairs leading down to the database. Scathe joined them only a minute or two after he had arrived.

"I have encountered stronger security measures in non military installations." Scathe muttered in surprise. Phill wanted to ask him what one would be up to or looking for when going encountering stricter security, but he adhered to his own advise and said nothing.  He placed his hands on the metal door blocking their way. He could sense there was a thread of magic in the door, he followed it along the path. This line was hooked up to another station!

"Since when?" He mumbled out in frustration trying to bypass the thread.

"What is it?" they both asked.

"Done." Phill said under his breath," They installed a second  station of security I bypassed this one. but.."

"There is probably more." Scathe finished the sentence for him, Phill nodded as the door opened with a hiss of air coming from behind it. The three of them set down the stairs, there senses heightened. Phill especially felt the stress he felt like a complete idiot thinking he had this whole operation well thought out. It would be his fault now if any alarms were to go off. Luckily nothing had gone off and the reached the Database without any further troubles. What felt like ages Djarina looked up from whatever she was doing and said.

"We have 15 minutes left we should get out of here." 

Phill nodded in agreement  placing a few more maps into a bag that  10 times the space inside then the dimensions it had on the outside.

"I guess we should." Scathe with sound of disappointment. The three left quickly covering up any tracks of their presents on the way up but that’s when things took a turn for the worse. As Phill rounded around the flight his eyes met a pair of yellow murderous eyes.

"Who goes there!?" A strong female voice penetrated the thick of the dark.

" Do you honestly think any of us will tell you our names?" Scathe replied bringing out his deadly Scythe.

"It would be the honourable thing to do you stinking thieves!" She spat fluttering from sight for a moment and reapearing behind them, she went to slice them all with a Gliave but all three of them had just barely gotten away. Phill drew his sword, and stepped forwards trying to rush the opponent quickly. However this opponent was not to easily fall to such a tactic she jabbed forward. He ducked and rolled out of the way as she tried to bring it down upon him. Scathe flanked her and managed to connect but her amour was also very strong.  Phill launched himself off the floor, she tried to knock him out of the air with the hilt of the Gliave, but was thrown off balance because of Scathes next attack that sent her to the ground.

"Swift focus, level three." Phill said bring his sword down upon her. His sword glowed a brilliant orange before shattering her armour, and cutting her deep. He jumped back knowing that his enemy also had knowledge of battle spells. She rolled away from Scathe, and went for Djarina who was much faster and got out of her way slashing her as she passed by.

" I won't lose to you lowly thieves!" She swore, turning around this time with a incredible force of magic flowing from her. Having an all out battle here was simply not an option Phill thought, but he was yet to see away around it without releasing much of his own magic to subdue her quickly.

"Lightning arrow!" He shouted forth quickly. The Spell was blocked by the Gliave but she was still knocked back by the force of it," Run!"  Phill thought if he could take this outside he take the heat off the other too while they got away, besides then he could let loose a little without having to worry about showing off to much to Djarina who still didn't know about his true identity.

The End

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