Djarina: Preparations

Djarina had just finished outlining her deal to Karel when Phil asked for her help in breaking into the headquarters of the military offices, to find information. Normally she wouldn't break the law for something which she couldn't hold in her hand, but he was offering to pay her... She had agreed with Karel to part with the MindLines for a fair amount of money, but she knew that in the end that would run out too. He also had made her consider her stance on the revolution.

"I'll do it, for 500 coins. To answer your question, I dunno, I don't think the uprising will work really, they are too powerful. But I guess we might be able to do something, or at least make them realize we have opinions too."

Karel was leaving, pushing her way through the crowd, and blending in on either side were two hulking body guards. They weren't really necessary though, the large majority of the crowd was loudly showing its support.

At her stall, continually being interrupted by well wishers, supporters, offers of help, Djarina found a pair of shoes. With her mission in mind, she regretfully kept away from the boots, and instead looked through the softer, lighter ones which had good grips. She found a pair that fit, thanked Karen, and then she made the swap with her.  

Karel went to the corner of the stall and reached inside one of her outer layers, removing a wallet. Inside, she had a bundle of notes. She counted them out carefully, unobtrusively. Then, turning to Djarina, she broke the news. 

"I don't have enough. I only have half of what you need on me."

Djarina would have liked to support the revolution but she had evolved never to trust, and so she made a regretful face. 

"I'll give you two of them then. They will still be useful. They're all the same, you can connect as many as you want. I found out about them before I, ah, acquired them, and you have to stick one to your temple. Then you put one on another person and say "mind line, connect to mine, so we may hear the thoughts inside" and then you touch, it can be anything, hands is easiest I s'pose. And then it's done. You just have to think, hard, at the jewel and imagine it sending your words to the other one. It gets easier with practice." Djarina finished, and glanced around. It was one of the longest speeches she had ever made.

"That is fair. They might come in handy for you, in the meantime, before I can get the money to you." Karel said, nodding.

"They each have about 12 hours of solid speech-thought on them, and they can always receive."

"Well, I'm grateful, and for any other services you provide. Please, be safe."

Djarina turned, leaving the charismatic Karel to her work. She had somewhere to go now. On the way to the door, Phil and Scathe both following her, she stopped to buy some food from the ever-ready food sellers. They didn't let anything like a revolution affect them - there was a large crowd, there was a moving speech, there would be hungry stomachs. Djarina haggled, but not as hard as she normally would have, she had some money now, and knew that even though their food was filled with mystery meats, they were just trying to eke out a living as well.

Outside the Moving Market, there were people trying to disperse those leaving: they didn't want attention drawn to the lace, that would be a disaster. Djarina informed them, as they moved quickly away, that she was going to her home.

She led them to an alcove, half an hour away, and told them she would meet them there in 20 minutes. She considered offering one of the MindLines, but wasn't sure if she was ready to share her mind just yet. She also considered bringing them with her, but they would slow her down, and they would also see the conditions in which she lived. She wasn't ashamed, but it wouldn't be a nice experience for them.

She then pulled from the darkness, behind a bin, an old but well kept hover-board. It was matte black, and it was one of her most prized possessions. She pulled a key from her shirt, it was hanging on a chain around her neck. Then, with a nod at the two of them, reaffirming that she would only be 20 minutes, she stood on the board, activated it with her toe, by pressing the "FLY" button, and she was off. 

She left the two of them in the dark, and hoped they would be alright while she dropped the money off and got some weapons.

The End

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