In motion

Phil Valier

Scathes, speech had the crowd riled up, there was no doubt in Phil's mind that most of the crowd was willing to give it all for this cause because of that speech.

"Thank you!"Karel Smiled at Scathe who still had his face hidden under that hood.

What was this man hiding, and what were his motives exactly? Phil thought.

"So, what is Velia planning to do now?" She turned to Phil.

"She is going to set out a week from now, she didn't tell me a destination. However  I believe she is going to one a stronghold, where she will direct our forces from there."

" Your wrong she is probably going to set out to Faetail and where most of our forces lay and Prepare the people for war, and our forces. Then Launch offensive sout and north of Faetail"

"That’s a key point to start a liberation in this country." Agreed Phil," But its surrounded by cities that support the King."

"Well if you have a complaint about our strategies then you speak to Velia or her advisers yourself." Karel shot back.

Phil had a urging feeling that maybe these rebels were also underestimating their enemy. Tarone was far from stupid, in fact it wouldn't surprise him if Tarone had already set eyes on Faetail's destruction. Not only that she why had the positioned all their forces in one small city?

"There you two are!" Djarina said coming up beside him ejecting him from his thoughts."Hey you! I have a proposition for you." She started on Karel," How much do you think you will buy  these Mind lines off me?Also I know where to find a whole lot more, but there's a couple things I need first, one is starting with a new pair of shoe's."

Phil gave a short smile, this girl definitely knew how to look after herself, but yet still needed protection, at least in this changing world.  Once she had finished with Karel, Phil had a proposition for her.

"I need to get into the centre of the capital where the military officers are. I want to get a hold of some information regarding their numbers and power. I can't do this alone though. I need your help, and if you want money I can pay with any price you want." It was true even the Phil had been thrown out of the council, and disowned by his own family, and was wanted by some in the council he had a large amount of cash, something that plagued his conscience,"One other thing where do you stand in all of this? Are you going to join the rest of them or are you going to stay out of the way. It doesn't matter but I am curious to what you think of this uprising."

“I think I can assist you on that as well.” Scathe said from behind Phil.

“That would be great, and are you coming Djarina?” Phill said. He had a hard time trusting Scathe it wasn't just because of the hood, it was because he knew more then he let on, and his motives weren't exactly clear, however Phil also felt comfortable that if he could get to know more about and keep him close there would be nothing to be afraid of.

The End

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