Listening to the Anger

Scathe listened to the speech carefully. Each word was drenched in anger, in loathing towards those who had been the cause of their poverty, their lack of education, their hunger. Scathe had seen it all before, and the last time wasn't successful in the slightest: the aristocrats burned that village down just to silence the revolution, even if only for a little while. But now it had come to the capitol, and a good number of people had begun to speak out. Part of him was happy to see that they had backbone.

But in order for this revolution to succeed, backbone would not be enough. They would need organization, weapons, and most importantly, both an army and a leader at it's helm. Then he glanced over at Apex. Or at least, that was what he called himself, but Scathe knew better: he was none other than Phil Valier, one of the few decent aristocrats out there. And then a thought ran through his mind: who better to lead us after the revolution than someone who not only feels for our plight, but also knows how to run a government? Scathe made a mental note of this, and continued to listen.

The words of Karel continued to stir a good number, but it would not be enough. If they were not united, then this revolution would fail before it got off the ground. So Scathe did something at the end of the speech that got everyone's attention.

He got up on the stage with Karel and spoke. "Ladies and gentlemen, I am he who is called Scathe Harmastier. I too have suffered under the oppression of the aristocrats and the royal family, but I will not stand for it any longer. Ask yourselves: this last war, who did it benefit? No one, and yet the aristocrat sits upon their throne, growing fat while we waste away. In what world is this considered regal and proper behaviour for those who call themselves royalty? They keep the best food for themselves, the best drink for themselves, the best beds for themselves, and have the gall to tell us it is OUR fault that it is this way! And worst of all, they keep us in the darkness of ignorance, keeping knowledge itself, the very thing us mages strive for, under their lock and key, not showing it to anyone! Knowledge is the right of all man, be they prince or pauper! We have tried to negotiate with them, but all they do is scoff at us and spit in our hands and faces... not knowing they themselves are sowing the seeds of dissent that has lead us to this point! There are only two options left: comply to the will of the these so called nobles, and die in our sleep from hunger and disease... or rise up against them and take back what is the right of all! What say you?!"

Scathe's gambit worked, as now a good three fourths of the crowd was now openly wishing the fall of the royal family. Scathe smiled beneath his hooded cloak, knowing his work was done. He turned to Karel and nodded. "Sorry about that, but I felt it needed to be done."

The End

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