Scathe and Djarina

Phill Valier

A little ways of from where Phill was standing completely lost in the hustle and bustle of the moving market, a small development was in the making. From what Phill could perceive through the crowd, a shop owner was trying to use a young women a cloaked man stepped in.  Phill watched carefully wondering how the situation would develop, why was this cloaked man saving this young woman? What was his goals in all of this? Phill unoticingly began to walk towards them. They both left the con's tent no harm done to either group. Phill was still suspicious about the mans own goals with this girl and decided to ask for help.

"Hey do either you know these two people I am quite lost, I don't usually come here often. Do you know where I could find a man by the name of Benki, and a woman by the name Karel?"

The pink haired girl eye me suspiciously, "I do know of old man Benki what is your business with him?"

"I was sent to deliver a message to him, the Velia leader of the uprising commoners life was threatened this night. A civil war may be on the rise and Velia would like to spread the word in anyway she can." Phill said.

"Are you completely sure? You are not feeding me lies." The cloaked man said.

"I fought the assailant myself." Phill replied with sharp glance trying to pierce the shadows that lay behind the hood. The hooded man decided to leave it at that. 

"You better not have people following you!" The pink hared girl growled.

"I don't, the enforcers are far to busy trying to start trouble among this city to bother with me." Phill replied joining the two as the walked down a a narrow walkway filled with hardened faces and all to happy salesmen.  Phill could felt as if the cloaked man new his true identity this made him feel uneasy, but he kept calm that the cloaked man did not know his true identity.

"Hey if your working for Velia do you think she would have a use for these mindlines?"The Girl asked.

Phill thought about it for a moment, and thought they would be a great advantage in any type of combat situation," Yes I could see a need for those, but I am not going to personally offer money on the Velia's behalf. But one of the contacts I'm supposed to meet Karel, might be allowed to make an offer. Do you have a steady flow of those?"

"Well um... no,replied." She said.

Well for that matter, I bet your services are probably more then needed for this insurrection." Phill said guessing that she had skill in taking things that did not belong to her. For a while no one talked until the cloaked man asked.

"What is your name?" Phill froze did this man know him? Did he work for the Nobles, or was he simply curious?

"My name is Apex Varion." He lied once again. The cloaked man then offered his own name.

"Scathe Harmastier."

" And what is your's?" Phill asked the pink haired girl. She didn't offer a reply until the reached there destination. 

The End

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