The Girl, The Witch, and the Sorcerer

Scathe uncloaked himself from the darkness, and walked briskly into Damsel Darial's tent. Both her and Djarina turned to face the new arrival, and the expressions on their faces changed almost immediately. Djarina's was filled with both shock and anger, while Darial's looked like she had just seen a ghost. "Oh... M-Master Scathe. What a... pleasant surprise." Darial stammered.

"What are YOU doing here? You've got a lot of nerve, following me here!" Djarina stated angrily.

"And did you see me following you here? How do you not know I found this place on my own? I also have an informant within the Moving Market." Scathe answered calmly. And while it was indeed true that he had followed her, he didn't need to to find this place. Djarina wanted to argue further, but he gently moved her aside and glared down at Madame Darial.

"Hello, Darial. Still up to your old tricks again? Didn't I warn you what would happen if I caught you pedaling your rubbish again?" Scathe spoke in a deep, seething growl. She smiled nervously.

"Please... I've got to make a living..."

"By preying on the unfortunate? By selling this cheap replications? You think you can fool me? This is the fake magic artifact incident all over again." Scathe suddenly summoned his scythe and pressed it against her neck, drawing a little blood to make the point come across clearly.

"What are you doing?!" Djarina tried to push Scathe down, but all she did was knock herself to the ground.

"I'm making sure she doesn't pull the same crap she tried to pull on me a while back." Scathe responded, motioning for her to stand up. "Now, Darial, what do you have to say to the young lady?"

"I-I'm... s-s-sorry..." She whimpered, shivering with fright. Scathe shoved her outside the tent, and then turned back to Djarina.

"Now, tell me. What did you hope to gain from visiting a charlatan like her?" Scathe asked, taking out the tome he had stolen earlier and showed it to her. "Not everyone here has the genuine article. So they fabricate it and rely on the gullible and the young to buy off of them. Trust me on that... or not. The choice is yours."

"How do I know your not a charlatan as well?" Djarina asked, still distrusting Scathe.

"You don't... but what I have is not for sale." Scathe answered, putting the tome away. "All I want is information. And mayhaps you can supply it to me? That is, if you want to."

The End

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