Follow the Child

Under normal circumstances, Scathe would have just let the girl go and go on his own to pastures unventured... other magi libraries, as was his quarry. But this one... interested him to no end. If there was one flaw in his character, it was his endless desire to know things. And the girl was someone he needed to know about.

He followed her silently, at one with the darkness around him. She remained blisfully unaware of his continued presence. Good. He did not wish to startle he again.

She moved about the alleyways nimbly, so much so that he had a hard time keeping up with her, but nonetheless he managed to follow her regardless. And he couldn't help but feel she was headed towards somewhere important.

Then it became clear: the Moving Market. He knew about its location, as he always had a contact within it who would notify him whenever some magical artifact would come in. Whether he paid for it or not was entirely up to the reason of the seller. If he was willing to part with it for a reasonable amount of money, Scathe gave the man what he wanted. If he wanted more than Scathe was willing to pay, or didn't wish to part with it, he would either make him see reason, or in rare instances, take more than just the artifact. Nothing stood in his way to obtaining what he wanted. Absolutely nothing.

As he continued to follow the girl, his thoughts drifted towards a statement his informant had given him: something about an insurrection... a revolution. When he heard it at the time, he dismissed it, not thinking he could possibly gain anything from such an idea, especially all the damage it would cause that could possibly hinder him than help him, but now... now the thought was tempting. To get rid of the ruling powers and establish a new government... he would no longer have to sneak around in order to obtain knowledge and power, or at the very least he'd walk away with more than when he started.

And, for no logical reason he could fathom, the girl was unknowingly leading him straight towards the heart of this rebellion. And somehow, he knew this.

The End

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