Getting the message out

Phill Valier

"I am Apex Varion." Phill lied

"Well Apex I'am indebted to your services tonight." Velia said.

" In all respect Ma'am you do not owe me a thing. But we must tend to a man in the hall. He fought Valiantly."

"Oh yes Mr Tora, a dear friend of mine!" She said almost as if she had completely forgotten him.

Within a few minutes Velia had the man looked after and she returned to talk to me.

"Will Apex to you intend to leave or stay with this campaign? By the looks of it this Campaign is going to turn into a vicious battle, and your services would be much appreciated."

"Well to be more correct I believe King Taron wishes to destroy you and anyone else who agrees with your views. So I think this will be a major conflict. As for the offer I will no doubtedly accept but I do wish to vie for some time, to get my things in order. I can gather some more information on the Nobles, and the Kings movements, but soon I think he will force everyone out who does not support his Regime. The word must be spread, and you should be looking for supporters, before he thrusts his blade at you. You two must have a military arm." 

"We do have a short supply of arms and guards, but you're correct the Kings hostility will rise beyond this. I plan to leave within a weeks time, be at the south sky docks at three in the morning before the break of dawn. If you will be so kind, also bear this message to a man named Benki, at the moving market, he will spread the word, and not only him but a woman by the name of Karel she's Obisdia's recruiter will need to be told this. Thanks once again. If you need anything I will be here. Get as much info out of the Nobles as you can please." Velia said already assuming command over him.

Phill didn't completely mind but he wanted to be a little more autonmous of the rebels. The last thing he needed to was attract more attention by directly serving under Velia. That will definitely bring a whole new load of trouble they didn't need currently.

Phill left the Inn, the actions he taken tonight had written course of Iziriths future in a way that turned out better then what Tarone wanted, however, it was a way he did not want it to be written either. Still Velia had taken up a good point, King Tarone wanted this, he  has been waiting for a moment to reexert his true power upon his people, he just needed the reason. Phill had given him that reason when he killed Norm, but in either aspect the people would have risen up against the king if Velia had been assassinated. At least they still had a strong leader. Still little time remained to gather the resources that would be needed to fight the kings forces and within a weeks  time the king will probably act. Phill walked quicker trying to guess what would be his next move, and what would happen if he was discovered. He knew it his younger brother Dine would come, and Dine was just as or more powerful then he was.

Phill couldn't bear to think of fighting him face to face, Dine would not go all out and wouldn't hold back. Not only that he would strike not only him, but the people he yearned to protect. No being discovered was not an option. Phill arrived at the new market quickly. It was utterly amazing the Enforcers had not found this place yet. Especially with all the fighting going on tonight. Phill stood hopelessly lost in the middle of the market wondering where to fine Benki and Karel.

The End

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