Elsewhere, in a library of arcane lore, a place closed to the public and only for the eyes of the nobles, a man silently strode in, clad entirely in black. He began to browse the collection, his eyes wandering from tome to tome, each one he had read at some time or another in his travels. Just the same, pointless drivel that any magus could perform given time... techniques he had already mastered. No... he wanted something a bit more uncommon.

At last, his hand landed upon the tome of which he sought after: Forbidden Spells and the Secrets Behind Them. He took it off the shelf gently and with reverence, as if he was holding the child of a saint. He carefully opened it and began to read it, to make sure that it was what he was looking for. A few minutes and he saw that it was, indeed, the tome he had been looking for. His head nodded in a gesture of satisfaction, as he put the magic lore into his satchel and turned to leave.

Unfortunately, the guards had come and had already established a perimeter. It seems they were becoming smarter with their tactics in dealing with him, but even that wouldn't save them. Anyone who got in his way was his enemy.

Scathe summoned his war scythe and wondered how he would go about dealing with the lot. The direct approach? No, too risky. Stealth? Possible, but not too viable an option considering the number of guards. Magic? Only as a last resort. He eventually decided to use a different exit than the one he used: the window on the second floor. Dropping down silently, he killed the closest guard with his scythe before he had a chance to scream. Then he turned to walk away, and saw a seventeen year old child just a little ways in the distance, hiding behind a nearby building from a couple of guards. A potential witness? Possibly, but he did not see any reason to silence her tongue, since she was on the run like he was. An ally? Perhaps, since some of the guards seemed to be more concerned about her than they were about him... a foolish mistake, even for them. He finally decided to approach the girl and see who she was. The closer he got to her, the more sorry he felt for her, seeing how she was dressed and looking like she needed someone to look after her... like he did when he was young. A kindred spirit?

Maybe. Just maybe...

The End

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