Midnight assasination

Phill Valier

The rooftops of Obsidia were probably the riskiest way to travel without being caught by the enforcers. It was risky because they were other units armed to attack those sneaking past curfew hours, plus one wrong move and it would be a good 30 feet to the street. Phill however needn't worry he was dressed perfectly to blend into the night, his greatest fear was what layed up ahead as he followed an assassin hired by the king to kill the commoners leader Velia. Phill had little doubt that this assassin was probably a noble by the name of Norm Teria.  So far he had managed to not stay hidden from the assassin and anyone else who was scouting the roof tops of Obsidia.

As the assassin reached his destination, Phill ran through the possible consequences of what might be the outcome tonight. He new if Velia were to be killed that it would mean it would be the last straw and the civil war would begin. However if he stepped in and killed assassin that the commoners would be seen as an organization only wishing to destabilize Izirith. If he managed to stop any harm coming to either side their would be a slim chance that it would keep things nuetral however the King would undoubtedly would try again. Either way Phill knew he had to do something to at least delay the war.

Norm set himself up directly across from a large inn where Velia and her supporters where staying tonight. On the streets below a numbers of enforces where gathering, more than needed Phill noted.  Obviously King Tarone had a couple agents working within trying to start a fight, and the enforcers would intervene and a battle will ensue and the he could pin the blame on the commoners, while Norm swoops in amongst the chaos and kills Velia.  It was apparent the King was now going to flex his muscle and quell this uprising before it starts. Phill snorted Tarone greatly underestimated his own people. Phill leaped across a few more building and sat within the shadows directly across from Norm and waited.

A an hour later the clock struck midnight the noise in the inn had begun to get fairly loud. Norm had started to prepare himself and so did Phill as he drew his blade. The enforcers looked tense. A few more tense seconds passed by like a slow ticking clock driving the madness. Then it happened the shattering of a glass window. Then Norm moved like that of a crouching tiger ready to pounce on its query. Phill reacted according and dropped from his perch.

"Lightning arrow!" He shouted as a spear of lightning formed above him and struck Norm across the shoulders impaling him and tethering him to the ground. Phill casted another spell and landed smoothly beside him.  Norm had no Idea who Phill was underneath his a crimson plated armour covered in lightening blue cloak. Norm did not give up there however as the Enforcers began move into the inn.  The lightning arrow exploded as the Norm had casted a dispelling spell. Anger filled his flawless rounded face. He charged forwards with a certain lightness on his feet, Phill readied himself to repel the attack however Norm had other plans as he jumped to Phill's left, and made his way through the crowd bleeding heavily from his wound.

Phill followed suit but the chaos in the Inn was impossible to work through and was caught into a few quick duals with a few low levelled enforces who hindered his passage through the now destroyed battle ridden Inn. Every person in the Inn was battling the enforcers, some wielded chairs, others broken bottles, others small daggers or knives they managed to hide underneath their clothing. Weak spells shot off as men cried for the spirit of the fight.  The walls of the inn now were covered in scratches as the floor was covered in broken glass and splintered wood, but where was Norm?  With his heart beating in hopes of a safer future for this nation Phill leapt up the stairs. On the second floor he heard the sounds of blades clashing together in a beautiful fury.

Around the corner was two dead body guards their blood slowing seeping down the steps, and down the hall was a slim man wielding a rapier and using it excellently as he parried the many attacks Norm brought down upon him from hidden knives daggers and even thrown weapons, nothing got past this mans guard. Norm looked quite health for a man who had been Impaled by a lightening spell but to Phill's horror the wound had healed, and so was any wounds being inflicted upon him. Norm had used an invincibility potion. A potion with grave side effects but the user was granted invincibility for the price of half of his life. He either truly believed in this cause or was being paid a hefty sum of money, or was just far to  foolish to know what he has done to himself.

With a battle cry of his own, Phill charged down the hall at great speeds his sword held beside him the tip leaving a fine cut in the wall. Norm jumped away from the man with the rapier and he readied himself for a slash from his weapon. Phill sliced upwards cutting the hidden blades he held to defend himself into pieces. A strong breeze behind Phill's wake blew both of them back as it was soaked heavily with his force of magic. The man with rapier took a step and readied a barrage of attack from behind. The Strikes would have left any man to fall to his knees, but Norm stood their with a cruel smile.

"You cannot kill him with those types of attacks right now." Phill said, stepping away from a throwing dagger," you either fight him until the effects of the potion he has taken wear off or you incinerate his body into nothingness."  Phill continued parrying a wave of fast and carefully thought out attacks graciously he side stepped when he fealt the moment was appropriate and Norm had put to much of his weight forwards. He was correct as he barrelled forward tripping over his own weight. Phill brought his left hand to his blade, and slid his index and middle finger over the blade as he fingers slide over the smooth blade it lit aflame.

" Cursed fire strike." Phill said calmly as his blades met Norms daggers, he pushed Norms weight so now he was to far to overweighted back. With quick agility Phill brought his blade through Norms chest, the flames engulfed Norm's smaller body.  However he burned to quickly, and behind both Phill and the man with the Rapier stood Norm.

"A clone!" Phill cursed.

The man with Rapier turned but it was to late for him as Norm Drove his dagger through his abdomen. Norm kicked his body off his blade before moving down the hallway.

"Quickly catch him!" The man yelled," I will be fine just kill him."

Phill nodded as he sped past after him. At the end of the hall was a large room where several of Velia's men made a stand against Norm, they fought Valiantly but Norm was a very skilled assassin because of his ability to adapt in a situation that most assasins would back out of, but Norm was different, he could fight strongly and fluidly, and make it look like  whatever its wanted to look like.  His twin daggers spun around the room like deadly claws, as five men fell before him in seconds, and by that time Phill had managed to intervene once again.

"Run he is after me!" Velia called forth from far end of the room wielding a long sword shakily, she was definitely not trained in fighting with a blade. Phill grunted as he parried quick strikes from Norm.

"You won't fool me this time." Phill boasted as he blocked a strike and twisted his blade disarming norm and piercing his neck with two inches at the end of his blade before running towards Velia. The clone dissolved from the lethal blow, and the real Norm attacked above his two daggers ready to deliver a killing blow to both Velia and Phill. Phill however had a perfect counter.

"Golden arm!" He called forth, gold began to cover the skin of his left arm. Phill blocked the blow ready for Velia with his left and parried the other blow with his sword and grabbed Norms neck, and slammed him into the ground with to much force breaking his fragile neck just as the effects of the potion were wearing off. The battle ended not only for Phill at that moment but  the commoners as the Enforcers had been surrounded from neighbouring commoners coming to the aid of others. 

"Damnit!" Phill said loudly pounding his fist into the ground as he looked into Norm's lifeless eyes.

"What is the matter?" Velia asked shocked.

"I didn't mean to kill this assassin. He is a Noble and the king will certainly use this as a reason to have you all executed, or start a war." Phill said pain clutching at his heart seeing Izirith consumed by a violent bloody war.

"It would be arrogant to think that you stopping my death and keeping this scumbag assassin, noble alive would change anything!" Velia said strongly.

"It would have bought you time, and maybe with a little time you could peacefully fill the streets, and freeze the gears of Izirith forcing the king to back down but now he has a reason to wage war on the commoners, many of enforcers have been killed below this floor. I also doubt this is the only place such an incident has happened." Phill countered recollecting himself.

"Who are you?" Velia questioned him.

Phill removed his hood showing startling green eye, his near perfect face say for the prominent scar running down from his right ear to down past his neck. Phill dared not tell Velia his true name and made an Alias for himself.

"I am Apex Varion."

The End

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