Izirith's Civil War

The King of Izirith refuse to recognize his people as equals or treat them as so, and only grows his oppressive grasp on the people, calling forth a civil War of magic, a civil unlike any before it.

Phill Valier

In the beautifully built city of Obsidia remarkably carved and forged with skilled hands from a massive mountain of Obsidian the cities Namesake. A Negotiation was going on between the people of Izirtih , and its King Tarone and his Nobles. This meeting was Crucial and could potentially save or ruin the country. Phill knew this and had advised the King to allow the people of Izirith to make decisions for themselves, and be allowed to educate themselves in what they want. However the King Tarone did not heed his advise, and called him a coward, to soft.  He was then ejected from the council of Nobles, and his family Disowned him. Phill had no regret in his decision, he no longer wanted to protect the beliefs of the wealthy or anyone who saw the people he lead as simple creatures to be ruled over like cattle.

Phill was a member of a proud highly prominent member of a noble family, he was a a very different part of the family, he had little interest for money, only in knowledge, and the art of magic. His family however educated in the art of fighting, money, and rule of people. As he was taught to take on the roll of ruling people he began to realize that Izirith could be much better, if everyone was given equal opportunity, when he voiced these opinions he shunned, and viewed as an outcast of the family. However his brilliance soon moved him onto the Noble council where he thought he could change the system if he could get some support outside of his family. What happened next resulted in this. Phill had come the negotiation dressed like a commoner monk, with dark red robes, and black sash, his hood up. He watched and listened carefully for what was being said in the auditorium. His forest green eyes darting back and forth from  King Tarone, and the third commoner representative Velia Kai. She was a strong woman from the Northern parts of Izirith, she was before being chosen to lead the commoners , she was a hero for many common workers when an avalanche covered a town completely. She decided to lead a group of five hundred to the avalanche covered town and rescue who she could.

"Tarone,  You have not given us a reason why we cannot be given the same opportunities as the nobles that surround you today. In fact I don't see what gives you the right to lead the People of Izirith, and saying that you were born in the posistion gives you divine right is not a reason anymore!"  Velia said strongly offending any of those on Kings side, while getting a strong wave of support from her side. 

The king moved his mouth to speak however he was interrupted.

" You know Tarone I suggest we have democratic administration in this country instead of having someone who just happens to be born into leadership. That proves nothing!"

"That’s enough!" The King  yelled," " I will not bow before any commoner, I would rather beheaded then see a democratic rule. Velia I will have no further wish to negotiate if you do continue, I will have you executed!" Tarone said furiously getting up and leaving. 

Phill quickly left, this was the last straw and he knew tonight Velia would be attacked he, had to stop this before it turned into a full on civil war.

The End

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