I've Seen A Rain Cloud

I've seen a rain cloud.

He crawls across the sky like a hulking, hateful mass. He displays his power through the lighting and the torrential rain. The rain cloud is a proud man who covers up the sun, believing himself to be a better idol. He cares not whether he rains upon your wash line, the clothes soaked again. 

In the heat of the summer afternoon, the rain cloud gives his gift to the Earth. The ground, parched for lack of water, is drenched with the life-giving substance. The rain cloud's kindness is not well known, but the plants of the earth know it well. The farmer also knows of his blessings and begs for the favor of the rain cloud. 

Perhaps we should all be like the rain cloud; proud, yet nourishing and kind. Using our own tears to allow the Earth to flourish. A sacrifice that is simple, yet of great importance to other life.

He is a rain cloud, yet more.

The End

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