I've Seen...

Write about something you've seen in nature that seems like something else, giving it life, depth, and feeling.

I've seen the mountains, with the peaks of snow and arrayed in green fir trees.

Like a pale woman, her face as white as snow, and a green garment covering her. It's layers make her regal, a figure worthy to note. Plump and jolly, yet beautiful all the same. The cities and towns, like playhouses, arrayed at her feet, which are covered by the thick mantle of evergreen.

She, alone, holds the sky above her head, she's a queen, no less. And at eve, the colourful glow outlines her shape, giving her different lights, different shades. And with each change, she is a different queen.

The red glow is fire, a queen of warm fire stands at the horizon. The yellow glow is benevolence, a queen of benevolence sees over, gently. The pink glow is beauty, a queen of beauty who shines brightly. The orange glow is thought, a wise queen of thinking watches the humans. The purple glow is family, a kind queen of love who gathers us to her heart.

Now let us be kind to the pale-faced woman who stands as a mountain, let us love her too, for she is fire, benevolence, beauty, thought, and family, she is a queen arrayed in green firs, and a solid keeper of humanity.

She is a mountain, yet more.

The End

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