Neil: Scandoulouse

I lay quite comfily in my bed my long wings folded underneat my shoulder blades. It was beautiful day out on the clouds well it usually is anyways. I roll to my right to look at the enterance of my bedroom , a sevant of one of the major family barrels into my room. With a look of fear on his face. 

"Niel Tsolen , My master Anaedius has a proposistion for you." The servants says then bowes he quickly takes flight and leaves.

I hated being treated like a Noble or someone of power, I'm far from any type of power. I was just respected fora few things I have done , and also known for variouse failures. But either way it brought more attention then I wanted to deal with. I got myself out of bed lazily and stapped a sword to my waist. I thing I know is whenever has a proposistion for me it usually involves violence.

I walked outside and began to take flight my large wings moving speedily towards Anaedius's large palace she wasn't a queen or anything just Noble who tends to like getting her nose into everything. I guess she is looking for a proper oppertunity to oppose the king.  I land ever so qiuetly on her visitors porch where the Noble waits for my arrival.

" Neil , Glad you've come, would you like anything?"

"No thanks. You had something for me?"

" Yes I do, its rather simple. Can you follow Xavier seems to be occupied by a fallen angel. I want to know why , and perhaps it may be in my interest to help this fallen angel.For your labour perhaps I can pull a few strings  and get you back to your job on earth."

" I see, I shall leave immediatly" I say begining to take off.

I think there was more to than Anaedius's best interest here anything to do with fallen angels usually ment more than the front page. I was a little unsure what I was getting into here but the promise of being back on earth doing what I do best as a finder. Was good enough for me to get myself into this. I headed to the edge of cloud nine , and jumped off into a highspeed glide towards the forest below.

The End

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