"One sec" I say to the new arrival. "One, my power down here is the same. Two, My brother... seriously. Girl you got a bad thorn"

I hate my brother. He's selfish and such a player.

"I loved him" she mutters.

"You still do, Soulmates for life. You're probably just a bit angry at the moment" I say shrugging.

She seems a bit softer then but immediatly becomes stern again.

"I should..... Go. I was being chased" I say nodding.

"I dealt with that" The new arrival, Psyche, says. I look at her thank fully.

"Thank you" I say calmly. Then I hear it. I look up then quickly at Kairi.

"You may want to leave for this part" I say frowning.

"What? Why?" she asks. I look at the floor and sigh turning to face my brother as he lands.

I clench and unclech my fists at my sides. Electricity sparks.

"Sis, come-" He cuts off short and I turn to see Kairi glaring at him.

"I met someone new" I say turning to look at him, glaring like Kairi.

"Kairi" he whispers looking ashamed.

"I think you should leave" I say sternly.

"No" I turn to look at Kairi. "I have something to say"


The End

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