Shoot to kill

"Don't let her escape!" The voice rings clearly through the silence. My head snaps up. It's one of the guards. I'm so glad it's not me they're after for once. I listen to the conversation.

"God this girl is fast!" 

"What do you expect she's the King's daughter!"

Kings daughter. The princess. She's escaped. Finally. I get up from the roof and run. Most angels would fly but I don't for two reasons.

1. I'm only a half angel.

2. That means my wingspan isn't much bigger than my shoulders. Therefore, flight for me is barely more than hovering about a foot off the ground.

Still, it helps speed up my running. I arrive just in time to see the princess disappear and the guards stop, looking around in confusion.

"Hey, boys!" I shout. They turn round in time to get a power blast full on. I jump down, my wings slowing me so I don't splat on the ground, and find the faint aftreglow of magic left from the princesses teleport. I trace it and run there, skidding to a halt.

"Sorry about that, I'm Psyche, did I miss something?"

The End

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