Angel Princess

"Hiya. I'm Ever" An angel appears from the other side of me. Wings clearly on show and radiating light.

"Ever! What the HELL do you think you're doing?! You'll expose us" I yell at her. Anger bubbling inside of me.

"Expose you? Why what are you?" Heather turns to face me. Unanswered questions running through her eyes.

"Nothing, I'm the same as you. We both are, aren't we?" I turn to Ever hoping to get some support.

"No we're not. I'm an angel, and you're a fallen angel" Ever looks at me confused. I groan and pull her away from Heather by the arm.

"Right. I don't care who you are or why you're here but you'll be in as much trouble, if not more, if Xavier finds out you're flaunting the fact you're an angel. You see that girl over there?" Ever nods "Well she's my chosen one and I'm supposed to look after her. I can't do that with you telling her what I am. It's against the rules! You got that airhead?" I say in a harsh whisper

"Don't you know who I am?" Ever tries to give me a knowing look but I'm still as clueless as before.

"Are you going to tell me?" I fold my arms. Quickly losing my temper.

"Ever? Xavier's Daughter?"

"You're kidding?" I drop to my knees "Please forgive me"

"I'll think about it" I look up to her, a smug grin playing along her mouth. I stand and square up to her. Flaunting the darkness in my eyes.

"You know what? forget it. Aslong as you're down here your magic is about as powerful as a mouse." I feel a tugging at my jeans, it's Heather.

"Please don't fight Kiari. It makes me sad when you're angry" I reach down and stroke the hair out of her eyes.

"No problem little one"

"Wait? Kairi? You're the one who got banished last week!"

"Well done princess! And do you know why I was banished or has your brother kept that from you?"

"What? What are you on about? How would my brother know you?"

"I can't believe this. He said he told you."

"Told me what?"

"We're soulmates"

The End

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