Keep Running

My feet touch the floor and I begin to run. My feet hitting the hard pavement softly and quickly.

"Don't let her escape" A voice shouts. Uh, guards.

I fold my wings close to my back. They're soak.

As is my Starlight hair which clings to my body. Its worse since I was flying. Its usually slightly curly and travels to half way down my back.

I turn a corner faced with a dead end.

Not a problem. I know my eyes flash a bright golden as I run straight through the wall without flinching.

"God this girl is fast" A guard shouts angrily.

"What do you expect she's the King's daughter" the other shouts flying over the wall.

I bare my teeth. I hate being his daughter.

I may have wings but I aint no bird that can be couped up. I jump a wall sinking down through the floor teleporting.

I pop up in a random area. "Oh" I say shocked.

There standing in front of me is a Fallen Angel and a human.

"Um" I mumble. "Hiya, I'm Ever"

The End

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