It's not so far to cloud nine.

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I pull myself up off of the floor and inspect my surroundings. I'm in the middle of a forest and there are a group of human teenage boys watching me. I look back at them, grinning. One of them flinches and signals for the rest to follow him in the direction they just came from. I brush the mud and leaves off of my jeans and try to stretch my wings. They disobey me so I try again, this time using the enchantments I was taught as a child. Wings, unfold and carry me home. But mine are not obeying my command. I reach back and feel around my back in the space that they normally occupy. There is nothing there now. Just bare skin.

I see a hoodie lying on the floor where the boys were standing and pick it up to cover my skin. I look down at my feet. They are bare and covvered in mud. Angels don't normally wear shoes. Afterall, we can fly.

A twig snaps behind me and I turn to face whoever is behind me, hoping it's not Xavier or any of his armed guard. A young girl creeps out from behind a tree and I instantly recognise her.

Her name is Heather and I am supposed to be her guardian angel and watch over her. She is roughly 7 years old and her mother recently died of cancer.

"Hello Kairi. It's been a while"

The End

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