How much?Mature

Dear sweet mother of geezus.

I'm worried about how much of myself I should reveal on Protag; and I reveal LOTS! 

Tonight I've started feeling so..... should I be talking about this? It's so different to how I usually am. I mainly listen to my Heart and Reason. Vozcura is a bitch and my body gets in the way. Now though, I'm guided by my body 0.O Woah! It's so weird yet right!

As a virgin, this is totally new. 

AHHHHH I just want to say everything! But that would be grim for others to read. So I won't! 

Mmmm maybe I shouldn't post this. But it's a SoC! I should do! Ok, I won't say much then.

It might just be hormones. Hell, knowing me, it is! Only words and emoticons but I'm still madly turned on.

I should stop before I say something I'll regret.

The End

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