So tired.Mature

Yeah, I feel tired now :L....

I just sung "Heaven". Not the one most people know. It's an odd one that I love for some reason. It's relatively new. But I sung her to sleep. That's all that matters.

Vozscura. I think she's dozed off now. I can think a little more clearly but I'm starting to nod off aswell. That's the thing with her. If she doesn't want to sleep, I can't sleep. If she wants to sleep, I have to aswell. She sucks.

I had my hair balled up in my left hand while I played this weird game about genetics (Ovipets, my saddest hobby yet). Now it looks darn messy and all over the place. But I don't care.

I look ugly. I feel ugly. I don't need Vozcura to tell me that. I'm not particularly pretty but I don't care about that either. I lost the need to look perfect years ago.

I now feel hollow. After Vozcura singed the inside of my head with her cruel words and Darkness, I got cheesed off and got rid of her. She's still there, just dormant. 

Looking in the mirror, I can see dark circles that weren't there before.

Oh dog. What's happening to me?

The End

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