What's happening to me?Mature

I look in the mirror and I hate what I see.

What is with that? I've never hated myself before. What the hell brought this on? Dark thoughts are clouding my head and they are all clammering to get out. Vozcura seems to be trying even harder to take me over. I haven't daydreamed in ages and music is only having a numbing effect.

It isn't stopping her advance. Everything I say, it's laced with a hint of Darkness and I don't know why. Something inside me has snapped and I didn't hear it. I look round my room but I can't see anything. I want to say something but I can't.

Something is building up inside me and I don't know what to do. Today was a good day. Is this Life's way of balancing the scales? WELL F TO YOU LIFE. YOU PISS ME OFF TIME AFTER TIME AND---

Dear god... What's happening to me? Someone has to know. I can't stop frowning. It's giving me a headache. My worried face glances at me in the mirror and I still hate it. You're weak Wolfy, just weak. Accept it! NO! Get LOST Vozcura! Get out of my head.

I think I'm going crazy. I don't know how to think, how to act. I've been fixed but my soul is starting to tear itself apart again. Oh god, someone help me. I don't know where I am? Am I getting early symptoms of depression? Is  it teenage mood swings? I don't know! 

I was talking earlier on Protag about my bleak past (again) Why do you keep repeating yourself, eh? You hate it! SHUT THE HELL UP!

This bleak past made my spine tingle and talking about Vozcura made it worse.

I've stopped now but all I want.... All I.... I... I can't ask for that. He's busy and I know it. He's working hard.... 

I just want him to hold me in his arms.

The End

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