High to low.Mature

This morning, I got straight out of bed, got dressed, ate a couple of crackers (can't be bothered with cereal) and ran out the door in half an hour. I live in a little world where every second influences the one after, like a domino effect. Lost my shoes? --> Miss the bus. --> Don't get a chance to play piano. --> Get moody. --> Do badly in lessons.

Any-moo, this morning, I was happy and excited, restless and over-the-moon. I would finally be able to see them again! I would be able to talk to their faces, hug them, tell them how much I'd missed them.

Heh heh, conversation with mi amor : 

*He turns round in the deserted PA corridor* *We hug*

Me: "I've missed you!"

Mi Amor: "Really? I didn't know you were throwing anything at me!"

I should have seen it coming! XD I always say I miss him and he always replies with that!!!!! XD XD XD Ahh how I love him so. 

When he turns to leave, I struggle to hold myself in check. I just want to grab his shoulder, turn him to face me and kiss him. We kissed once since we saw each other again (I had run down from the piano room, leaving poor Tim, because I saw him in the courtyard) and we were alone in the PA corridor (ironically, near to the room where we got busted XP). I couldn't tell him how much I had missed him. 

During the day though, I saw less and less of him, less of anyone. They are all so busy trying to get a good start for the rest of their lives and I'm still in year 10, the last year of even slight relaxation. I feel selfish when I say I wish I could see them all more often. We have 1 term left until they go on study leave.... oh dog....

I just realised again. I'll be alone. I might turn back into who I was in year 7... sitting in a library reading book after book, hoping that someone would come and talk to me. Just like a loner. Except this time, I won't have Tron to be my loner-buddy XD. Ah good times.

Just thinking about what I wrote a few days ago. How my intuition tells me when a storm is coming in my life. I'm getting that feeling now. I've had my share of happiness so Life is gonna rain on me to balance it out. Well, damn you Life! I'm going to enjoy this last term with my family and not even a disastrous emotional event will stop me this time! So there!

That's basically how my day went. I'm now very thoughtful and very tired. Waiting for mi amor to come online.

High to low.

The End

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