I have some chocolate ice-cream. It's left over from when the extended family from my mum's side came over for Christmas.

I had a quick check on messenger, he's not online :P. Therefore, Protag it was.

Looking back over Destined To Be Wolf, I decided to put up another chapter. Having just finished the section and published it, I turned back to my ice-cream. All that was left was a small puddle of what used to be heavenly double chocolate Vienetta ice-cream. The solid chocolate was floating in the liquid ice-cream and my first thought was: Is my room THAT warm? My second was: ballz to my life! XD *First I was like: o.o Then I LOLed!

So, while I was....drinking ..... my ice-cream, I looked through some random files I had on the computer. The Word version of Destined, loads of wolf pictures.... Then! I saw him!

Mi amor! He had sent me a picture of himself on my request about a week ago. It still makes me laugh! :D ☺ Oh! Ok, description: he is looking into the camera, the background is bookshelves (library?) , he's wearing the legendary Coat and... he's pointing at the camera. So, when I got it, I edited it so next to the picture of him is the "Your country needs you" poster. We both loled when I showed it to him and I'm looking at it now and, after the thoughts about how handsome he looks, I'm just laughing ma' ASS off! 

Maybe that was a bit sad but, hey!, yesterday we had a competition to find out who was the sadder of us. Skyrim was the main topic of his sadness, Runescape was mine. Need I say more? XD

Oh doG he makes me laugh. XD Just laughed again because "You make me laugh" is one of his catch phrases. Along with "its ok". ♥ ♥ ♥

Am I love struck? I think I am. With my first boyfriend, I was never this open or confident or... loud? Thinking about it, I must have been completely silent if that was the case! Ha! I fall for the quiet ones.

*sigh* I'm so happy! Yes, I'm definitely the Hopeless Romantic but I'm not hopeless if that makes sense!

Heh heh, I managed to stay on topic today. Well, good!

I can barely wait for school to start again! I will be able to give hugs to everyone, show how much I love them and missed them; I will see his beautiful eyes again. I will touch his hair again. "Black as night's sky, blue as day." That's his appearance. What would be the description of his personality?

*I just spent about 30 minutes looking over our conversation history to find the description I used. I am now blushing A LOT!*

"sexy, flirty, romantic, sweet, kind, moral, understanding, patient, wise

All words to describe mi amor.

I'm such a Romantic! XD I need to see them. Not just mi amor. He is one part of my heart, my pack hold the rest. 

The End

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