It all began when someone left the window open

A Short Story.

The Johnston's have been out at the big mall across town christmas shopping. They enjoyed their time together as a family- but looked forward to getting home to go to sleep- as they were all tired from running around in the crowded mall. They pulled up in the driveway and noticed the upstaires light in Sarah's room was on. This upset mom because she had told Sarah many times to always turn off the lights when she left the house. But Little Sarah promised that she actually did turn off her lights this time. Dad opened the foor, (not needed a key), and everyone's mouth, as well as their bags, dropped to the floor in shock. Everything was gone! Everything that was worth money anyway. Mom scrambled around the house, scared of someone still being there; finding even the kitchen appliances were gone as well as the tv, and all the furniture. Dad was standing there staring at the emptiness- still in shock, while little Sarah was crying on the floor next to him. Everyone ran to their rooms to see what else of their personal belongings were missing. Mom and Dad ran directly to Sarah's room at the sound of her scream. When they got to her, she was pointing to the open window by her bed, where the cold hard wind ripped in, freezing the entire room. Turns out that Sarah did actually close her window like she promised; she just forgot to lock it.

The End

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