Brewing Tension

I glanced over at Darcy who continued to gaze into the distance. Then turned my head to the others with an exhausted sigh.
“This is insane...we can't just kill-”
“Yes you can, especially when it's that or you're own death,” Andrei interrupts and I suppress the urge to glare. I was not going to antagonize any kind of fight here. Not after seeing what he can do. I'd rather die from lung cancer than those claws. I shouldn't have thought that, now I really wish I had a cigarette. 
“Andrei is right,” Hai Yun murmured a few feet away and I felt my jaw tighten.
“Well then why are you cowering over there?” Andrei growled and I sent him a sharp look, not he gave it any thought.
“I'll know every move before you make it,” She replied in that same chilling, calm voice. Her expression gave nothing away, but the threat hung in the air like poison gas.

I could feel the breeze turning colder as my adrenaline started to pick up. If these guys started to fight then me and Darcy would have to get the hell out of here fast. If I didn't get us away quick enough...I didn't want to think about that.
“Does you're weather power extend to lighting?” Darcy whispered to me and I gave the tiniest of nods. I got the feeling it was better not to let the others know we could team up if needed. Though I caught Hai Yun's glance. Guess it's pointless to try to keep a secret from a mind reader.
“We're going to check on Karoline....don't do anything reckless,” I said. Not wanting to turn my back on Andrei in the slightest.
“Please,” I added. I turned quickly and felt my muscles tense. The following footsteps were too light to be his and I glanced to see Darcy's auburn hair flying in the strong wind. I forced my mind to calm itself and felt the wind die down slightly.
“Do you think they'll really...” Darcy trailed off as she peeked back. Where they stood the same distance apart, exchanging worrying glares.
“I honestly don't know,” I replied.

“Wait for me!” Serena's high-pitched voice called out and we turned to see her join us. I'd completely forgotten her in amongst the tension back there. Her eyes were wide with fear and there was a slight tremble to her lip.
“I hope you're right,” she asked once her breathing had calmed down. Me and Darcy gave her a lost look.
“That there is another way off here,” she explained. I didn't have anything to say to that. I hoped like hell we we're right too.

The End

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