Karoline: War?

The six other people are arguing. Now that we know what most of them can do, we can decide what to do.

Fight. Blow them up into little smithereens. Fire immediately tells me.

No. We should just stay out of this. Find someplace safe. Water adds.

Air? Earth? What do you think? I ask the remaining two elements.

No. We should not rid any life our mother placed on this planet. Earth said before retreating back voicing, without words, that he has said all he is going to.

Air? I ask.

You don't expect an answer from her do you? Fire scoffs.

I can turn us invisible. We can wait it out and let everyone else fight it out. The quiet, soft voice speaks up.

Cowards! All of you! Fire yells out. I feel a wave of flame erupt over my body in his sudden anger.

"What?" Erik asks me, I look up, seeing all eyes on mine. Quickly, I suppress the flames and gain back control of my body.

"Sorry. I just... Lost control for a moment." I tell them, looking down not wanting them to see my blazing red eyes.

Please, calm down whilst I work this out! I plead Nd slowly feel the red vanish from my eyes. I look back up.

"Erik, what can you do?" I ask, trying to ply the attention away from me. To some degree, it worked.

"watch." He says simply and up above, clouds start to form out of nowhere, creating shade where once had been heat. Then, just as suddenly, the clouds disappear and the warmth of the sun comes back onto my shoulders.

"Sweet." I say then turn to the youngest in the group. "What about you?" I ask her. She looks at me, shocked for a moment before shrugging her shoulders.

"I can do stuff with electricity." She tells us, looking back down at her feet.

"Okay. We have a Shapeshifter, a mind reader, an electricity controller, an illusionist, weather controller and element controller." Each respective person nodded their heads as I said their powers.

"And who will kill us all?" I then ask, letting Earth speak through me, disappointment in my tone.

"the Shapeshifter nodded, a grin on his face.

Bring it on matey. Fire taunted.

No! Such a marvelous creation!" Earth cries out.

"Only is someone attacks me." The mind reader says, looking at each of us.

"No. I will not kill" Erik and the illusionist say together in perfect synchronisation.

"I don't want to be here." The fifteen? Sixteen? Year old girl says looking nervously around at us all.

"And you?" The shapeshift asks, turning to me.

"Fight! slaughter you all!" Fire shouts through my mouth.

"No! We will be peaceful" Earth then shouts through. I receive a lot of strange gazes.

Air? Can you hide me please? I ask, all the stares making me uncomfortable and my control over Fire is fast fading. If I lose it, they will all be on fire in seconds.

I feel the air around me condense, creating a thick blanket.

The others look around in confusion. I walk away and enter the house, letting the door slam behind me, tears starting to spill out my eyes.

Why can't you leave me alone? I ask Fire and try to ignore his laugh.
The End

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