Andrei: Show and Tell

"Well," I said, "I, for one, intend to fight. This island is surrounded by sea on all sides, and we don't know how far from the mainland we are - or where we are, for that matter - so I figure if we want to leave in any way other than in a body bag, we have to be the last one standing."

"Why?" I was surprised to hear the German speak, mostly just because I figured he would silently choose a side. "Why fight each other? Why not fight our real enemies - the people that put us here?"

"I agree we should fight." The Chinese girl seemed braver than I'd figured her for. She was taking this all in stride, and now she was choosing to kill everyone else on the island. Interesting. I would definitely have to remain wary of her.

"Can't we just try to find our own way off of here?" Now the Irish girl was being a typical flower child - all peace and tranquility.

"I agree - violence is not the answer." The Greek woman, too? What was this, a hippy commune?

"I think we should just do what these people want." The little one added in her opinion. Good to see someone with some sense.

"We are one thousand meters above the sea in every direction," I said, directing my words at the German, Irish and Greek, "And in case you're thinking about diving, do you know what happens to your internal organs when you hit the surface of water at speed from a distance? The surface tension of the water crushes them. It's like hitting a cement wall. You are juiced from the inside out. Sound like a good time? I didn't think so." It was time I made it clear to these idiots that I meant business. If I was supposed to fight, I would fight. And no idealistic, peace-loving moron would stand in my way.

"Please," Spoke up the Irish one, "Can't we just talk about this? I refuse to harm another living being for some other person's sick pleasure."

"And who are you, Ireland?" I said aggressively. "I can transform into a grizzly bear with enough muscle to bite my way through steel. You really think you can stop me?"

"My name," she said with quiet ferocity, "is Darcy. And I'm not pretending any sort of superiority to you. I just want to discuss this."

"I'm Serena, for the record," spoke up the greek woman, "and I agree. Let's just talk about this for a bit. There must be some solution."

"Erik," the German chimed in. "Yes, let's talk."

"My name is Hai Yun," added the Chinese girl. "My stance is simple - if you threaten me, I will fight back. If you do not, then we have no quarrel."

"Then I guess that's settled," I said.

"Yes, I guess it is," said the younger one. "And my name is Karoline, by the way. Does anybody else here have... some sort of - some sort of ability? Something different?"

"You mean, like how I can change into pretty well anything I please?" I thought maybe I knew the game Hai Yun was playing and I figured I could get the better of her. She didn't seem surprised, though. All of the others that had joined us since my little demonstration did, however.

"Yes, like that. I can control the elements. Fire, water, air, earth..." With that, she launched a nearby stone into the air and then uneashed a blast of flame that devoured it. "Yep, I can pretty much destroy anything I want." I noted that her eyes had changed to a fiery red as she said this, and her face had an expression on it that read, That ought to give anyone thinking about coming after me second thoughts.

"I can control electronics," Darcy said. "I know, real cool, compared to changing form or controlling the elements."

We turned to sernea, expecting her to speak next. "Well... umm... no, I can't do anything." She seemed apprehensive.

Erik, the German, said, grinning, "I have what you might call a stormy personality." As he spoke, a group of huge, dark thunder clouds appeared overhead. I got that one, all right.

The Chinese girl remained silent. "What can you do?" I asked, trying a friendly approach at first. Still silence.

"I SAID," I shouted, "WHAT - CAN - YOU - DO?" I shifted into a gigantic grizzly bear and threw her to the ground. Still, she wouldn't talk. Finally, I put my bear face mere inches from the back of her neck. I made a silent pact with myself right then that if she refused to speak up, I would end her.

At last, she seemed to break. "Fine," she said. "I know what you're thinking."

I shifted back and then said, quietly but furiously, "You have no idea what I am thinking, you lying -"

"Yes, I do!" She shouted. "I know what you are thinking," she said, pointing at me, "and you," pointing to Serena, "and all of you." That was.....more interesting. "For example," She continued, "I know that Serena can cast illusions. She can make you see things -"

"I know what an illusion is," I said, quietly trying to force her to understand that I was not an idiot. She would respect me. "Well, this has been a lovely show and tell," I said, "but I'm off -"

"Wait!" yelled Karoline. "The others said they wanted to talk."

The End

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