Darcy: The last one

I was feeling sick with apprehension as I approached them - I was so weak that my knees barely carried me, and I didn't feel too confident that my electrical powers would hold up if any of them tried to fight me.

Then again, the lot of them were all crowded together, and no one seemed to be stabbed or decapitated yet - which was a good sign. This was an interesting dream and I didn't want it to be over so soon.

The first one to look at me was a girl who looked as though she'd been expecting to see me there. I stopped in my tracks as the others turned heads towards me. My stomach churned with anxiety. I could see they were all just as nervous of me as I was of them. This made me worry even more – they might take fright and think I was going to attack them. The thought almost made me laugh out loud, despite the tension.

“You must be the last one,” said the girl who’d first seen me.

“Yes, you are,” added another girl, with pale skin and a Chinese complexion. I got the feeling she wasn’t one I should mess with. “And, believe me – you’re not dreaming.”

My heart danced right to my throat. This was too creepy, and weird. And the subject of the note was niggling in the back of my mind.

“Did you all get notes too?” I asked, though my voice was barely audible, even to myself.

A half-hearted nod was passed through the group, as well as an unspoken question.

There was another girl, who looked significantly younger than the rest of us, who met my eyes for a split second. I could tell she wanted to ask the same question I did… Usually I wasn’t brave enough to ask questions in front of a group – usually I’d hide before that situation had the chance to approach me – but right now it was burning too deeply into my core for me to push it away.

“Are we really going to kill each other?” I asked.

More nervous glances. And this time I wasn’t sure if we were all on the same wavelength.

The End

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