Another Stranger

I felt nervous when Karoline pointed out there were others. Not to mention that everyone was sending me odd glances. They wanted to know what my power was. I looked to were Karoline was looking to see a figure approach us. Instinctively my muscles tensed and I could hear the low rumble of thunder above. Like an animal growling at a possible threat.

It eased up the moment the figure grew closer, the girl was beautiful beyond a doubt. Not in the in-your-face way but in a subtle, hard-to-ignore-once-you-see-it way. I shook my head of the thoughts and noticed that her stance was protective, her fair Chinese features were twisted into a untrusting glare. She stopped a few metres away, not wanting to get close. I guess considering the circumstances no one knows who is or isn't safe to be near.

Hey” I said eventually, breaking the awkward silence. Her piercing dark coffee eyes flicked to me then moved to study the others. I felt somewhat perturbed that she was clearly ignoring me. Oh well, not like I want to ever see these people again once I'm off this accursed rock. I moved my gaze to where the other person supposedly was.

Hi” her voice was clearly forced, though she pronounced the single word with complete ease. I watched as a mirage of expressions played across her face. She took a step back for no apparent reason and crossed her arms defensively. Her glaring growing harsher, Like we'd done something wrong.

The End

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