Karoline: Sensing.

I felt anxious as now me, two boys and a ping girl was standing in the one area.

We are right in the open, perfect for someone to attack! Fire hissed its anxiousness running of into all the other elements.

okay. We can tell where everyone is by sensing the heartbeats reverberating through the earth.  Earth told me.

ok. Should I tell them what I am doing? I asked.

yeah. Make them scared. Make them think you can read their minds. fire told me joyfully.

uh we can read minds. We can read the water and air going through there bodies. Air spoke. I took a sudden step back as air had never spoken before. 

tell them. They are looking at us weird. water encouraged. I looked at the three others. 

"Umm my power is to control the elements so I am going to use the Earth to sense where everyone else is."

I told them. 

"Cool!" Mr German told me.

"That is an interesting power." the wolf/bear guy said.

"No where near as cool as yours. You can shift into a wolf or a bear!" I exclaimed. "Sorry. I didn't quite catch. What can you do?" I then asked the girl.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I can't do anything I just want to go home." she told me. I raised an eyebrow as through the earth I could sense her heartbeat racing. She was lying. But I couldn't think why.

think about that later right now we have to make sure we are not in danger. Now close your eyes and do as I say. I did what Earth told me.

I let the green must inside me take over. It heightened my awareness. I could sense the calm beating of the Germans heart, the steadily paced, ready for action, thumping of the other guy and the anxious fast paced beating of the girl. Behind me I could sense someone walking over the earth towards us. Someone else was lying, watching, us from somewhere to the right. Another was coming from the left.

"Someone is watching us from," I pointed where, "there. Someone is coming from behind and someone from the right." I told them.

I then opened my eyes to see a moving in the distance, coming towards us.

The End

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