Meeting the others

Serena approached the house slowly, slightly scared of what she would find. How would the others react it they found out that she was a freak? What if they hunted her like she was some wild animal?

Maybe she could hide it, just not tell them. Maybe they would be peaceful by nature and not want to fight. She stepped closer to the house, her stomach in knots. What would happen when the others met her?

She spotted a little knot of people, three of them all together. They were all older than her by a few years. She had a feeling she was the youngest on this entire island.  The three were talking, just talking. They hadn't noticed the little blonde girl walking towards them yet.

"Um... Hi?" She murmured, folding her hands behind her back.

The three turned to look at her, looking her over with almost cautious eyes. Maybe they were trying to decide if she was dangerous or not. It unsettled her.

Just be strong, you'll be fine....

She smiled, her blue eyes cheerful. "Anybody have any clue where we are?"

The girl shook her head. "Nothing more than a note."

"Same." The older guy said.

Serena frowned. "You guys got a note too?"

All three nodded. "I bet they all read the same too..." The other guy said. "Seven others trying to kill us?"

"Pretty much..." Serena shrugged. "Why would they want us?" She wandered closer to the house. "What is so special about us?"

"Well...." The older of the two guys smiled. "I can shape shift."

Serena whipped her head around, her blonde hair flying. "Really?!" Why couldn't I get a cool ability like that?

You were chosen for your gift, don't complain.

I will if I want to!

So did they collect them for their powers? Did all of them have powers? Or was there just two of them?

The End

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