Andrei: Do you Believe Me now?

I heard voices back toward the house. I changed into a wolf once again, and ran back. When I arrived, I saw a German man, a few years younger than me, and a girl, a few years younger still. I changed into my human form before wandering into the open.

They both turned and looked at me, quite suddenly. They seemed ready, if not entirely willing, to fight. I put my arms up in the air, assuring them they had nothing to fear from me - yet.

They relaxed and I came nearer. "Did you see some sort of weird animal while you were back there?" The girl asked. "It sort of changed form - first it was a wolf, but then it ran off and changed into a bear."

I laughed hysterically before I could respond, "That was me."

"Really?" Neither of them seemed to believe me entirely.

I transformed myself into a wolf before their eyes and they stared in awe.

"Now do you believe me?" I asked, as I changed back to my human shape.

The End

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