“Do it fast” she begged, squeezing her eyes shut and wrapping her arms around her body. I had to study her a few seconds to decide if she was insane. Then I recalled the note and literally fell onto the ground from the ferocity of my own laughter. The girl opened her eyes wide and begun to glare at me, her face bright red.

Stop laughing at me!” She yelled, a spark of red touching her iris. I managed to calm down and stand up.

Sorry” I managed to squeeze out whilst catching my breath.

Should be” she glowered, arms cross. Watching her now she looked like an entirely different person, more confident than she'd be a second ago. Did she really believe I was going to hurt her?

I don't know about you but I'm not planning on following anything that crazy note says” I reassured her.

Good...I wouldn't recommend going to the house” She said

Why?” I asked with raised eyebrows

Because there's a wolf-bear thing, quite impressive really” She said, I couldn't help but note her eyes had turned brown.

Well...guess I have no clue what to do now. I suppose we should wander around searching for others” I said, she nodded and studied me for a second.

What?” I asked

Are you German?” she replied

Yes, why do you ask?” I said, beginning to walk

Just curious...what's your name?” she asked, following at a slightly slower pace, her golden brown hair moving lightly in the breeze.

Erik, you?”

Karoline” she replied.

Guess that's the niceties out of the way I thought as we continued to walk in a pleasant silence.

Do you do anything?” She asked, causing me to stop mid-step, “Like a weird thing” she added with a nervous laugh. I choose not to respond and continue walking. I felt her frown at my back before she followed again.

The End

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