Karoline: death by a German

Wow! That is a splendid beast! earths voice told us as we hid from a wolf which had decided to wonder in the house.

oh shut up. fire complained. you like anything that is not human.

I rolled my eyes and followed the wolf as it ran back out the house and threw the garden. At the end of the garden it blurred and...

did that wolf just change into a bear? I asked the elements as a bear went charging off into the distance.

looks like it. Let's follow earth put in excitedly.

are you insane? You saw that note. It is probably one of the seven others. Looking to kill us! I told it as I turned on the spot and ran.

As I run, I pay no attention to where I am going. I turn only when I bang into something that went "ouch! That hurt!"

"Huh?" was all I could come up with as I turned to look. I saw a German man, not much older than me, staring down at me. I gulp.

he's going to kill me! I think in a panic.

I turn around to run again but he grabs me by my arm and holds tight.

"Do it fast." I plead, completely forgetting I have control of the elements around me in my fear.

The End

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