Serena sat up, her head pounding. Where was she? Where was her garden? Where was her home? She looked around, nothing but a house in the distance and trees not far off. I wonder who lives there?

Jumping down from the rock, landing with grace, she looked for any life besides herself. Not even a noise besides the whisper of the wind around her. Such a strange place...

Fluttering on the rock was a piece of paper. Pulling it free, she unfolded it, the smooth writing unfamiliar to her eyes.

This is the island of survivors. There are seven other people on this island. In order to escape you have to kill everyone else. Good luck.

Serena's heart stopped. Kill? That wasn't in her nature. She couldn't even bring herself to end a fly's suffering. She shook her head. This must have been a joke, a cruel one, but a joke. Why would any body take her away?

Your gift....

She pushed away the voice. She hated her gift, it was more of a curse. She always had to be awake and focused or those hateful visions appeared for all to see. She was a freak.

Why don't you go to that house and find a way home then? The spirit's ghostly voice taunted. It's the only way to find out.

Serena sighed. She was right, for once. Shoving the note in her pocket, she started walking. She just prayed the others didn't kill her on sight.....

The End

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