Andrei: More Killing

I awoke to find myself in a large pit in the middle of nowhere. I was surrounded by grass, fallen trees, and leaves. Not to mention the small creature sniffing at my foot. I kicked it, sending it flying. Then I stood up, and noticed a sheet of paper stuck to a nearby boulder.

This is the island of survivors. There are seven other people on this island. In order to escape you have to kill everyone else. Good luck.

More killing. I had seen enough of that - had enough encounters with Death's ugly, mutilated face. I shifted into the form of a powerful wolf, with dark brown fur and large canines. I scouted around the island I had found myself on for a while, and came across an old house.

I ran inside, wondering what would be there to find. The place was abandoned, and I turned around and left again.

After running around for a while longer, I changed into a huge grizzly bear, letting out a furious roar. This would be harder than I had imagined. On the bright side, I could view it as a particularly challenging hunt.

The End

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