Darcy: Hallucination

I yawned and opened my eyes briefly, immediately letting my eyelids fall back down. I shifted a little, searching for the soft white blanket I usually faded into consciousness to find.

I found no such blanket this time.

I sat up and put my head into my hands. I felt dreadful. Dizzy, sick. Was I still at the hospital? Had someone come and taken me home?

I slowly started to take it my surroundings. Slowly. And then suddenly.

Why the hell was I on the top branch of a tree?!

The branch was thick and looked like it would support my weight easily, but who cared? I was up a tree with no idea how I'd appeared there!

I craned my neck to look around. All that surrounded me was pretty much bare - I could just make out some sort of building in the near distance, and the sea was visible also.

My heart drummed haphazardously in my chest. Glancing around, I saw something small and white amongst the yellow and green leaves of the tree in which I resided.

I crawled towards it, desperate for an answer to what was happening. Maybe it was a note from the hospital, explaining why I was released to such strange circumstances.

I tore the note from the trunk of the tree.

"This is the island of survivors. There are seven other people on this island. In order to escape you have to kill everyone else. Good Luck

I must have been hallucinating. I had to kill everyone? Nah. Things like that didn't happen. Must have been the morphine, and whatever else the hospital were pumping into my bloodstream.

I crawled back to the other end of the branch and settled beneath the leafy shelter, closed my eyes, and waited to wake up back in the hospital.

The End

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