Erik: Strange places

A groan escaped my lips as I opened my eyes. The harsh sunlight immediately making me close them. I waited a few seconds, hand resting on my forehead, the opened my eyes again. I sat up and instantly regretted it. I threw up in the nearest bush and proceeded to lean against a tree.

Wait a minute....bush, tree? What on earth had happened last night? I walked towards what seemed to be the edge of a cliff and peered down. Vertigo almost caused me to fall off, but only a few bits of stone and dirt experienced that extremely long descent. Thankfully.

Scheisse” I muttered, running a hand through my hair. I sat down by the edge for a few minutes taking deep breaths. Telling myself not to panic. There had to be others around, I'd been surrounded by friends at that party. Or this was a prank. That sounds like something one of them would do. And it wasn't like money was an issue for us, they would've been more than capable of creating this place. I bet the fall is no where near as a bad as it appears. Any second now one of them would appear and say “Ha! Got you!”.

But as I waited, no one came. I let out another deep breath and stood up. I walked back to where I'd woken up and noticed something on a tree, the one I'd leaned against when I first woke up. It was a small piece of paper -

"This is the island of survivors. There are seven other people on this island. In order to escape you have to kill everyone else. Good Luck."

What the hell” I said out loud. This was all crazy, completely ridiculous! I wanted to yell but I knew if I did then the skies above would react. So I decided to just scan the distance away from the edge. If there were others at least I wasn't alone. And there was no way in hell I was hurting anyone. I noticed what looked like a huge building and walked in its general direction. I hope I meet someone soon I thought. When I gazed up I noticed the sunlight was hidden behind dark clouds.

Go away” I growled. Knowing in a few seconds I would feel unfiltered sunlight on my back as I walked.

The End

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