Kathrine: waking up.

I groan and get up from where I find myself lying on the floor. Rubbing my head I look around me. I find I am In dorm sort of kitchen which is defiantly not my own. I stand up a little groggy and make to leave the room. I find a note on the door

"This is the island of survivors. There are seven other people on this island. In order to escape you have to kill everyone else. Good Luck."

what? I thought to myself as I stared at the white paper.

well... We are to fight to survive sounds easy enough to understand. the voice of fire told me.

don't be so mean. We are not going to fight. We are going to look for a way out. water replied in it's cool voice.

do I get a say on this? I asked them.

nope. It's our powers you use so it is up to us. the fire said.

huh? What's going on? the sound of a just coming concioise earth asked us. I rolled my eyes and stepped out of the kitchen to find my self in a large hallway. At one end was a flight of stares. At the other was a door leading out. In between were exactly 5 doors.

which way? I ask the four elements which reside within me.

out. was the automatic reply of earth who hates being indoors.

fine. I replied easing towards the door. <

The End

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