Island mayhem

Six teens trapped on an island. Each got a note telling them to kill the other seven in order to survive. What will happen?

We have been watching them for a while now. It is time to move in. Our suspicions confirmed. 

I move I'm for the one called Katherine Johnston. She is walking back from school in some sort of dream land. I slowly walk up behind her as she turns a corner. Lifting up my hand I wack her in the back of the head so hard she passes out falling to the ground in a dead knock out. I pick her up and, slinging her over my shoulder, I lift my body up into the air and fly to the island invisible to human beings. I land on the ground and walk into the large house. I lay the teen in the kitchen, put a note on the back of the door and leave. 

Over in Germany my colleague is collecting  Eric Abend. He is drunk and wandering around the streets so it is easy to wander up behind him and knock him out cold. He is brought to put near the edge. The note pinned to a tree near by. 

In Russia Andrei Balakirev is being shot with a tranquilizer gun. He is also brought to the island. To a large pit in the middle of the forest. The note on a rock near by.

In china we are not having as much luck with Yun Hai. We can not approach her without being found. We can not shoot her as she is watched. We decide on a sleeping gas canister. We throw it in her room where it opens. Releasing it's gas and putting her to sleep. She is also brought to the island. And into a large open field. We put the note in her jeans pocket. 

In Ireland Darcy Sullivan is picked up from the hospital where she was being kept. We told the doctors we know how to treats her. We placed her outside in a tree the note pinned on the tree stump.

In Greece Serena Rose is being knocked out in her back garden. She is brought in and placed on a rock near the pond. The note attached to a near by rock. 

We Leave them. Sitting far away.  Nice and safe. Watching the game awaken.

The End

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