Another of my flash-fiction writing exercises, this time starring a younger version of my characters from my novel.

Write a conversation involving two children who don't get along, and argue over who gets to eat the icecream.


It was a sunny day, the beams of the sun scorching down on the tarmac-roads and sidewalks as several people walked along in a hurry, in hopes of finding a shade to shy away from the immense heat. But the two kids that were on their way home after school, had much more to worry about than whether they'd get to a business meet on time, or the other absent-minded thoughts of adults. No, they had a huge issue.

Eight year old Matthew Richards and seven year old Lillian Jones had never been the best of friends so it was only natural that the two were bickering away at each other as they walked side by side down the sidewalk.

"Why do you always have to be so annoying?" Lillian spat at the brown haired boy who tagged along. For her, he was just another one of those bullies that liked to make fun of her dark red hair, or mock her from a corner of the room. It would be a real wonder if she went on without hating him even a little.

"Speak for yourself Lilly. Who's the one that likes to steal and hide my homework, or ruin my chances of winning against Adrian in the play station."

Lillian didn't say anything, mumbling something barely audible under her breath as she turned around the corner of the sidewalk to only ram straight into the ice-cream man's cart. She toppled back onto the floor, the skin on her wrist sharply grazing against the cement. It stung, but not as much as the boy who barely cared about the fact that his 'accomplice' was injured.

"The ice-cream man!" Matthew took out his coins from his pocket, counting the dimes and quarters in his hand to see if he had enough to buy the ice cream he wanted.

"Hey!" Lillian shouted in an irritated tone. Puffing out her cheeks, she got up and glared at Matthew. "Today's my turn!"

"Since when is it ever 'your turn'?" Matthew scoffed, turning her back to her when she reached out for the money.

"But it is!"

Matthew ignored the cries of Lillian, handing over the money to the ice-cream man who watched the two children argue over the ice-cream with no real interest. After handing him a chocolate cone ice-cream, he steered the cart away, leaving the two kids on the curb.

Lillian glared in fury at Matt who savored the taste of the cold chocolate sweetness in his mouth. It's just what he needed; a release from the heat of the day and the annoying little girl who wouldn't get off his back. But Lillian was more than just 'annoying', she liked to have her revenge.

Before he could stop her, she reached out her hand and slapped the edge of the ice-cream wrapper. It fell out of Matthew's hand, landing on the sidewalk with a loud splat! Turning around, he stared incredulously at her as he yelled, "What'd you do that for?!"

"Do what?"

"You knocked the ice-cream off my hand!"

"I'm sorry. It was an accident," Lillian answered innocently.

Matthew fumed in silent anger, seething childish curses in his mind as Lillian skipped ahead of him, shouting over her shoulder, "Next time, it's my turn!"

"We'll see," he whispered with a venomous grin.

And so we shall.

The End

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