The Hood HunterMature

“The hunter looked around at the ten members of the Flash Raiders, a small but powerful group of Sky Rats that had been terrorize villages in the eastern area. They would suddenly appear and rapidly ravage the town, somehow getting around any security, and they would pull out and vanish on their sleek ship before anyone could come. But the hunter had predicted their move and stowed away on their ship, waiting until they were back at their hideout before revealing himself. “We’ve got you surrounded, hunter!” one of the bandits said cockily.

“Did you really think you could walk in here and take on all of us?” Another sneered. "You must be mad." The hunter didn't bother to reply to their taunts. He only glared at his opponents through his cold gaze.  Under the black hood of his cloak, he silently marked each of their positions. A huge axe wielder, probably leader of the group swaggered forward angrily.

“You think you’re a tough- Augh!” He cried out in agony as a bullet pierced his shoulder. The hunter had suddenly whipped out two revolvers from under his clock, and had strapped to his back, shot the axe wielder and a bandit near him. Before any of the other bandits could react he turned to the right and shot another next bandit.

"Damn it!" the axman screamed. “Rush him! He can't take us all!"

“Don’t bother; he’s out of your league,” said a cool voice from behind. The hunter instinctively dodged to side and watched a dagger whiz by. He turned around. A tall blond-haired man armed with a bundle of blades had strolled out. Assas Enn, former mercenary spy and the secret leader of the Flash Raders stepped out. “Well, what a surprise. The Hood Hunter has come to play…”


Lee’s eyes were gleaming as he watched as his audience lean forward in anticipation. About thirty crew members were gathered around  on deck, eagerly listening to his tale. “If only they knew…” he thought to himself. Suddenly something caught his eye. The captain was trying to sneak towards the ladder towards the emergency skipper.

“And that’s where we’ll stop for tonight,” he told his audience. He smiled at the shouts of indignation. “Hey, it’s something to look forward to. Anyway it’s chow time. If you really want me to continue, I might be able to after dinner.” He watched the other members get up grumbling and walk towards the stairs to below deck. “Now to see what the captain’s up to.”

The End

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