Midnight EncountersMature

Simon had settled in his room for the night, content on polishing his other blades while waiting for sleep to invade his head. It would be a long time yet and laying down never seemed to help. No, if he did that his mind would wonder and should his mind wander...

Simon shook his head. "Not going to think about that," he said firmly to himself, then picked up an Odachi style blade named Gleam. It was a beautiful blade, really, but Katana always were. He never took them out to battle, but tried to carry them around the ship. With the katana's shape and blade, it would be easy to draw quickly should someone sneak on board. 

A knock came to Simon's door as he finished with Gleam. Who could be up at this hour. A quick look at his pocket watch that lay on his bed told him it was near midnight. "Who is it?"

"Coty," a female voice said. 

Simon thought about putting on a shirt, but stopped himself. He had seen her cry and lose someone she loved, and even saw her necklace with the rings. It would be bad to hide from her. At least, that's how Simon thought. "Come in."

The door opened, revealing Coty's small frame and mass of dark hair. Too small to be a warrior, yet one of the best aboard the Asterius. Hopefully, Simon would never face her in combat. The outcome was not foreseeable. 

Coty opened her mouth to speak, but stopped short when she noticed the tattoos covering Simon's bulky torso. "So... that's what you had been hiding..." she said slowly.

"Yes, though I wish it to be still hidden, if you don't mind?"

She nodded. 

"Well, is there something you want to talk about?" Simon asked, grabbing up Freed, a normal katana he picked up from a blacksmith a few years back. 

"I think Asher Saint is somehow responsible for the incident in Grenshaw," Coty saud, closing the door and sitting near his stack of sheathes. Simon liked keeping his blades out of their sheathes and strapped to his wall when he wasn't using them, giving his room the look of an armory. He was the only one on the ship - other than Rayna, of course - who had his own room, or else he couldn't do that. 

Simon placed Freed on his bed. "Asher Saint? The man who helped us the other day?"

"Yeah, don't you find it odd he appeared right when Sasha attacked?" 

Simon nodded. "I'll admit, that is quite reasonable. I am of two minds though..."

Sasha looked at him sideways. "What do you mean?"

"Well, this feels personal somehow..." Simon said. How could he put this? "It seems like someone who has a connection with someone aboard this ship. Maybe a rival? Or a lord we have fought in the past? I just don't know..."

Coty stood. "Simon, this is the only person we have right now. He could be the one!"

"Not to mention that bounty would be kind of helpful, huh?" Simon grinned. 

Coty did as well. She was thinking the same thing as Simon. If Saint wasn't there man, then they could still grab up that hefty bounty. That could help getting more swords.... 

A thought crossed Simon's mind. "Coty," he asked, stopping the woman from leaving, "Who did we bury?" Her face grew dark. "I don't want his life story!" Simon quickly added, "Just a name. I deserve that much."

Coty sighed. "His name was Niam Dannan," she said sadly, " and... um..."

Simon stood. "It's ok. Don't worry too much about gratitude. I know it's hard for you." 

Coty nodded, then turned to leave once more. 

"Just one thing," Simon said, "Should I die, do the same for me." Coty nodded without looking his way, then left without a word. Such a hard girl, but a girl nonetheless. Feelings were something every human had, even a monster like Asher Saint. 

Simon pulled his shirt and dress coat on, then strapped Freed to his side and Gleam just above the other blade. Might as well take a midnight patrol while waiting for the Sandman. Maybe he would encounter a stowaway who could wield a sword effectively? That would be fun. It had been a while since his swordsmanship had been tested. Such a pity no one aboard the Asterius could fight him with swords on equal footing. Sure, Coty could probably  be a threat with her knives and speed, but the girl couldn't wield a sword enough to even compare. And Lee and Sheila were even worse with a sword. Maybe Rayna would fight him?

The moon was bright tonight, a sign of many things. Maybe this one meant good tidings for the future. Who knew? SImon's thoughts went back to the village and the scene in the building... Who in the bloody hell would do such a thing? Could it really be Asher? Truly? Or was it what Simon feared. 

Someone after the Asterius itself. 

Simon walked to the front of the ship, and was surprised to find Rayna standing there. Now why wasn't she in bed. Simon checked his watch. It was past midnight. Sighing, SImon walked toward Rayna. Might as well see what it was that ailed her.

The End

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