When the Cogs Begin to Turn AgainMature

The breeze calmed her heart and soothed her aching soul. She felt as though she had been moving through a dream and began to wonder when it had become a nightmare and when she would wake up.

Her mind wandered to the events of the past few days.

Sasha had attacked her, Grenshaw burned, and Liam.....

Coty ground her teeth together as she swallowed the scream of anger that bubbled up in her throat. Sasha would pay. Even if it cost Coty her life, she swore she would avenge her family.

Movement on the deck below made her hand jump to the knife in her boot and then she realised that it was Rayna, slinking back onto the ship the captain looked worn out and Coty stood with watchful eyes as Rayna stumbled through the door of her cabin and closed it sharply behind her as though she was trying to cut herself off from the world. Coty knew that feeling well.

She wondered why Sasha had decided that now was the time to strike. It didn't seem her style to jump into open confrontation. Sasha was a snake, a horrific excuse for a person who would stop at nothing in her quest for power. It was that she believed that had drawn her to Him. Simon, Rayna and Coty were probably the only ones among the crew at that time that knew the full extent of his cruelty.... unfortunately that would be a short lived fact, as Coty's gut told her that difficult times were coming.

She felt like a prisoner, and it was then that her brain began to work properly.


"Asher Saint. The man himself emerges from the darkness. I think this will be pleasing news for my master."

Sasha's words echoed back to her causing her head to snap up in realisation and her body to launch itself into the rigging as she swung down to the deck below in search of Simon.

Saint had appeared, but why on the Asterius, and why appear to defend the ship and her crew from the likes of Sasha? Coty was not one to believe rumors but those surrounding the man were almost too dark to be invented, she had thought his allegiance was already chosen.

The only thing she knew for certain was, he had shown himself as being on their side before disappearing off the face of the earth again...and Cortana Lucenzo knew that she was one of only two people in the world that could find him.

She just hoped she got there before the other did...

The End

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