Mangled DucksMature

Now back to those ducks.

The whole time Sheila had been away, those ducks had been roasting over a fire she made in the kitchen. It was a little dangerous, but worse comes to worse, the whole ship blows up. But she made sure to be careful.

“I’ll be right back Big Brother. I have to finish to feast I’m making for tonight.”

“A feast?”

“Yeah. Ducks.” She smiled as she skipped off to the kitchen. The ducks were still there.

“Aww, now look as these babies....” She mumbled as she took them off one by one to inspect them. Each one was perfect. And then of course, she saved that last one for Simon. It had to be the biggest one. Now as for what to spice it up with....

Sheila walked over to the cabinet where she ripped the doors open and stared at the rows of glaring bright spices. Maybe a bit of everything. Sheila leaned in and grabbed some horseradish and peppers. Maybe she should burn that guys mouth off. She laughed as she smeared the stuff onto the ducks. And then an idea hit her. Human excrement. Perfect.

Sheila smiled evilly as she snuck into the bathroom. Holding her nose, she picked up a bucket of that smelly stuff and slipped back into the kitchen. She lathered a thick layer of it all over the duck. Along with a thick layer of chocolate. Yum. Simon was going to love this.


“Time for food! I made ducks!” Sheila shouted as she brought out each and every plate of duck.

“Now this one’s for you. And for you. And you. And you. And...” She trailed off as she looked at the spiced up duck of Simon. “Here. I made this one especially for you.”

She handed the plate to Simon and smiled innocently.

“Thank you.”

Shale stepped up next in line.

“What did you do to that duck?” He asked recognizing that smile.

“Oh, I just spiced it up a little. You know. The usual.”

Shale nodded and walked off smiling. There would be a show to watch tonight.

The End

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