Lost MoraleMature

Lee trudged back to the ship, feeling completely exhausted. He'd been fighting the inferno that Grenshaw for the past eight hours. Now all that was left was rubble, refuse, and remains of the village and its inhabitants. Once the fire'd gotten under control, he'd looked around for a bit to see if that killer, Asher, was still around. Lee had caught a glimpse of the Captain's fight with him, and the prospect of taking on such a warrior had excited him. But the murderer never showed up. The other crew members were already returned to the ship by now. Lee trudged alone back to the harbor.

“Hey Lee!” called a voice behind him. The sharpshooter turned to see Sheila and another man walking up to him. The girl was positively beaming. "I'd like you to meet my brother, Shale," she said brightly. "I met him while I was putting out the fires. We've haven't seen each other in years." Lee smiled. It was great that something good happened in all of this. He stuck out his hand.

"Pleasure to meet you," he said to the newcomer. Shale stared at his hand until Sheila nudged him to take it. Lee felt his iron grip, and knew that it was a warning. "Note to self: Try not to get on his bad side," he thought.

"I'm bringing Shale back to the ship," Sheila explained. "I'm going to ask the captain if he can join us." Lee nodded.

"Then let's get back already." The three made their way back to the Asterius. Lee noticed how Shale heavily scrutinized their vessel when they approached. At least half of the crew had come aboard the ship, including Coty and Simon. The crews' faces were pictures of abject depression and shock. Grenshaw hadn't just been a frequent stop for the crew; many had a lot of fond memories of the place, and a few members were even from the town. Seeing Grenshaw in ruins would hit all of them hard. Seeing the crew like this though, really ticked Lee off since he couldn't do anything about it. Sure, Lee could understand what they were probably feeling. Hell, even he felt sad over the loss; Grenshaw had always reminded him of his hometown.

A broad grin crept over Lee's face. There was something he could do after all. He looked around for Simon and spotted him on the deck, polishing that massive blade of his. "What do you want?" he asked flatly when Lee approached. Lee didn't bother reacting; it'd always been like this between them.

"You know when the captain's going to be back?"

"She should be here soon. We'll be leaving to find another supply town once the rest of the crew is on board." Simon noticed Lee's smirk. "What are you up to?" he asked suspiciously. Lee chucked and turned away.

"You'll find out soon," he said over his shoulder. Lee hurried back down below deck. He had some preparations to take care of if he wanted his plan to work...


The End

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